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The End of Dreams

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Feature film

Iran 2016

92 min

Eng. Subtitle

Director: Mohammad Ali Talebi

Producer: Mohammad Ali Talebi

Screenwriter: Mohammad Ali Talebi

Cinematographer: Ali Mohammad Ghasemi

Editor: Hassan Hassadoost

Composer: Siavash Talebi

Executive Producer: Laya Palizban

Arash the 8-year-old boy lives with his parents and sister in the forest. Seeing a beautiful foal named Teezpa has become a dream for Arash, because he has gone blind in a terrible accident. His parents sell all their properties so that the boy's dream comes true. 



  • Awarded the Sun Yat-sen "Bo Ai" China institute at 30th Int. Film Festival for children and young adults Esfahan- Iran 2017

  • Screened at Fajr International Film Festival Iran 2017


  • Screened as the opening film at 13th Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival 2018 in Busan/South Korea


  • Screened at Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival Finland 2017

  • Screened at 58th Zlin International Children's and Youth Film Festival Czech Republic 2018


  • Screened at 34th Chicago International Children's film festival USA 2017

  • Screened at 7th Kolkata International Children's Film Festival India 2018


  • Screened at 11th International Children's Film Festival in Dhaka-Bangladesh 2018


  • Screened at International Film Festival for children Croatia 2018

  • Screened at 36th Malmo International Film Festival for children and young people in Sweden 2018

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