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Flegma s.r.o. is a film production and distribution company based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Our work consists of feature and documentary films as well as commercial videos. 


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Mohammad Ali Talebi



Flegma s.r.o.  was founded by Mohammad Ali Talebi in 2018. Mohammad Ali Talebi is an Iranian film director, screenwriter and producer who has been regarded as one of the best filmmakers who has contributed substantially and consistently to children and youth cinema. He has wide range of experience in cinematic forms and film genres. His productions have played a great role in securing an important position for Iranian Cinema and have earned its well-respected global recognition. His films have been selected and received many prizes and awards from numerous international film festivals such as Berlin, San Francisco, Chicago, Sundance, New York, Montreal, Amsterdam, Vienna, London, Toronto, Tokyo, Bangkok, South Korea, France, Japan, India, Sydney, Greece, Zlin and Poland.

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Laya Palizban is a producer, executive producer and board member at Flegma s.r.o . She graduated in mathematics and computer science from Tehran University. She has worked in the film and television industry in Iran for more than thirty years. As a executive producer or producer, she participated in the films such as "The Boot", "Tik Tak", "Bag of Rice”(Iran\ Japan co-production), "Promise", "Violinist", "The End of Dreams", "Tara", and "Without  My Friend”. In 2018 she was invited to Children and Youth Film Festival in Busan\South Korea for screening of the feature film "The End of Dreams” at the opening ceremony.

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Familiar Strangers 

participating in

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a new project by
FLEGMA s.r.o.



wind and fog
bag of Rice
the end of dreams
The promise
Willow and wind
you are free
the boots
the wall
Tik Tak

8th edition of ÍRÁN:CI Film Festival

Mohammadali Talebi, Jordi Niubó and Neal Dhand, Jury members at ÍRÁN:CI Film Festival, Prague 2019

New projects

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Bajkalská 14083/2C, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia

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